Tan Xuguang: Seize the Global Gen-set Market with Super Speed

On the basis of recent intensive research in overseas markets and in-depth exchanges with local customers and partners, on May 19, 2024, Tan Xuguang presided over a global gen-set business strategy discussion and on-site promotion meeting at the management headquarters in Milan. The Groups technical experts from Europe, North America, Singapore and China headquarters conducted in-depth and pragmatic exchanges and discussions.

Tan Xuguang said:

Global gen-set business is part of the Groups strategy and a growth key for our rapidly growing new business. We must allocate global resources, accelerate global layout, set up a global team, and allocate all efficient resources.

The competitive advantage of the whole industrial chain of Weichai Headquarters is the cornerstone to support the take-off of the gen-set business. We should adhere to the principle of leveraging, cooperate with the worlds best industrial chain and supply chain partners with an open mind, and move towards the worlds first-class in "competition and cooperation".

In the new global ecosystem, speed is gold, and action is everything. Our team should be like "hounds", with a strong strategic sense of smell, quick response, quick action, and quick results!

Weichai is a big global family. It is our common dream to do a good job in the business of gen-sets and make them world-class. We should keep an open mind, communicate honestly, make more efforts through chain coordination, strengthen the global joint technology exchange mechanism, and work together to achieve success in open cooperation.

Technical experts and business management from Weichai Group and its subsidiaries Baudouin, PSI and Weichai Singapore attended the meeting.