Tan Xuguang: Making Ferretti Better and Better is the Common Dream and Happiness of Our Global Family

On May 20, 2024, Ferretti Group Chairman Tan Xuguang listened to the work of the management one by one on the basis of the recent field research at the management headquarters in Milan. He did systematic study of the companys operation, global industry competition situation, strategic benchmark analysis, future business plan, international market development and other key work. He also communicated with all first-line and second-line managers face to face, and made a keynote speech to plan for future development in a comprehensive manner.

At Ferretti Operations and decision-making committee meetings

Tan Xuguang said:

The safety of company operations is always the first priority. It is necessary to comprehensively improve the level of operation control, further enhance the ability of risk prevention and control and cost control, and overcome the economic cycle problems with high quality.

We will accelerate the establishment of a "China + Europe" dual supply chain system, and realize the perfect integration of "Designed in Italy + Made in China".

At Ferrettis first-line and second-line managers symposium

Tan Xuguang delivers keynote speech:

Ferretti has become a world-class company, standing in the spotlight of the global industry. We should evaluate ourselves prudently with the perspective and logic of globalization, and protect each brand with strength.

In the face of the complicated global economic situation, we must be consistent with the outside world and jointly seize the global market. Ferretti does not live in vacuum, and must adapt to the global ecological changes instead of letting the ecological adapt to us.

We should look more at our competitors strengths and more at our own shortcomings. Looking down on others is the biggest looking down on yourself, and respecting others is more important.

Deeply dig into large group collaboration that will bring unlimited value.

Every level, every member of management and every manager has to overcome an inflated mentality. Only on the companys platform can we maximize the release of personal value.

The team should focus on the customer to make the customer satisfaction our biggest goal.

At Ferretti Group company board communication meeting

Tan Xuguang said:

As the Chairman of Ferretti, I have the responsibility to inform all the directors and supervisors of the investigation, identify the problems, rectify them one by one, perform my duties according to law, and ensure that Ferretti builds a world-class "pearl-of-the-crown enterprise".

It is necessary to further improve corporate governance, strengthen the governance link between the board of directors and the management, and comprehensively establish a scientific, standardized and efficient modern governance system.

A series of on-site research and communication discussions have further clarified the strategic concept and governance chain of Ferretti, won the full recognition of the management and all employees, and laid a solid foundation for the companys sustained and rapid development.